Yield that counts

Do well, do good
Popcorn is a multi-chain regenerative yield optimizing protocol with soul. It simultaneously funds community-selected nonprofit and social impact organizations at no additional cost to the user.
Popcorn makes it simple for you to:
  • Deposit your crypto
  • Optimize your yield
  • Create positive global impact
Popcorn's core smart contracts are:
  • Audited
  • Non-custodial
  • Decentralized
  • Censorship-resistant

Impact-Driven Finance

Popcorn bakes social and environmental impact into the very foundation of the protocol through its extractive and composable DeFi primitives and products where basis points are used to fund social impact and non-profit organizations.

How does Popcorn create economic opportunity?

Popcorn smart contracts allow users to generate yield on their crypto assets through the automation of yield-generating strategies. The automation of common yield-generating functions such as claiming, staking, re-supplying, leveraging, and swapping of cryptocurrencies means that users:
  1. 1.
    save time
  2. 2.
    pay less in transaction fees
  3. 3.
    generate yield on their crypto holdings with little overhead or knowledge

How does Popcorn create social impact?

A percentage of fees (e.g. 20-50%) generated by transacting with the Popcorn smart contracts are shared with social impact organizations elected by the Popcorn governance token holders, or PopcornDAO. These nominated organizations are called beneficiaries.