POP Token

POP Economy

What is POP?

POP is a governance token that aligns incentives across all stakeholders including users, POP token holders, non-profit beneficiaries, the core team, advisors, and partners.
What can you do with POP?
  • Stake
  • Earn
  • Claim
  • Farm

POP for PopcornDAO

Members of the PopcornDAO, or POP token holders, are stewards of Popcorn and share the common long-term goal of fueling the growth of the protocol, decentralizing the organization, and nurturing the mission of driving social impact for the public benefit in perpetuity.

POP Distribution

POP Ecosystem refers to the total amount of tokens reserved for liquidity mining, incentives and grants. These incentives and grants are specifically for users of Popcorn’s DeFi products, and those who make valuable contributions to the protocol.
Early Contributors refers to supporters who funded development and operations to build out Popcorn.
Team refers to core contributors.
Partners/Advisors refers to organizations and individuals who help Popcorn develop and evangelize the product and vision.
Foundation refers to the organization committed to bootstrapping the development of the Popcorn smart contracts, driving decentralization, onboarding non-profit beneficiaries, and ensuring the values of the Popcorn Foundation charter are upheld by all beneficiaries.
Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools refer to the liquidity bootstrapping pools (LBPs) for the $POP token. The intention is to bootstrap liquidity on decentralized exchanges through a fair launch auction mechanism. These pools will be launched simultaneously on Ethereum and Polygon. This is the first opportunity for the general public to buy $POP to participate in the governance of the network and for the opportunity to operate keeper nodes. Proceeds will be split between the Popcorn Treasury, a smart contract entirely controlled by Popcorn token holders, and the liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap.
Airdrop refers to $POP token transfers for further decentralizing and rewarding the Popcorn community.

POP Release Schedule

Note: Only 0.5% of total supply has been distributed via AirDrops. A further 1.5% has been designated for future distribution