Liquidity Mining

Pop Rewards Program

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is where users are incentivized to provide their crypto assets into liquidity pools in exchange for a protocol's tokens and fees. Users can claim their rewards in tokens and fees to then compound their returns by providing their rewards into the same pools.
You can liquidity mine POP on Sweet Caramel by: Staking POP and USDC/POP LPs:
Staking 3X and Butter:
Claiming Rewards & Farming:

POP Rewards Program

The POP Rewards Program is a liquidity mining program where 1,800,000 POP has been allocated for liquidity mining rewards.
Start Date: February 5, 2022
Total POP Rewards on Ethereum: 1,224,000 Total POP Rewards on Polygon: 576,000
Vesting Rewards
10% of your POP rewards will be distributed immediately after claiming your rewards with the remaining 90% vesting over 12 months thereafter.
  • Vesting: 1 year
  • Weekly Emissions: decaying linearly