POP Value Proposition

Capital allocators around the world are trending towards allocating significant capital towards investments that are socially conscious, sustainable, and responsible. Popcorn has not been created to serve those people, but a protocol and culture have emerged that puts people, the environment, and social responsibility first.


A portion of Popcorn’s fees is directed towards tackling global environmental challenges via smart contracts. In this way, environmental responsibility is encoded into the heart of the protocol. Along with the above, Popcorn's Smart Contract Emission Dashboard enables Popcorn to calculate the carbon impact of any smart contract execution. From here, Patch steps in to provide automated contributions to a broad set of carbon offset and removal projects. These include frontier negative emission technology and nature-based carbon sequestration projects. Popcorn is also an on-chain signee of the Crypto Climate Accord.


Popcorn values diversity, inclusion, and decentralized decision-making. Popcorn contributors are women and men from diverse backgrounds, from all major continents, religious backgrounds, and ethnicities.
Not only does the Popcorn culture support these values internally, but through the decentralized beneficiary governance and funding mechanism of the protocol, it ensures that underrepresented and disadvantaged groups have increased access to opportunity through the power of DeFi.


The Popcorn governance model is decentralized and is not majority controlled by any one person. It is consistent with a fair and democratic decision-making process and the forthcoming charter outlines the values and inclusive decision-making framework for the protocol and organization.