Popcorn Foundation

What is the Popcorn Foundation?
The Popcorn Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to bootstrapping the development of the Popcorn smart contracts, driving decentralization, onboarding beneficiaries, and ensuring the values of the Popcorn Foundation charter are upheld by all beneficiaries.

Popcorn Foundation Council

The Popcorn Foundation Council intends to consist of experts and advisors in various aspects of social impact, nominated and elected by founding council members.
The Council has the ability to revoke the eligibility status of a beneficiary. They are guardians who function to maintain the integrity of the system and deter malicious actors from gaining beneficiary status. The Council is expected to be comprised of experts in education, medicine, public health, open source software, and the environment. Initial council members are to be chosen by the founding members. New additions and replacements to the council may be made by the existing council, or through a governance vote. The separation of powers between the council and governance token holders can be considered similar to that of the judiciary and legislative bodies of a democratic government. Token holders elect beneficiaries and modify the parameters of open source smart contracts whereas the council ensures the elected beneficiaries adhere to the values of the charter.
The foundation is being formed in Switzerland.